Ëmbëlsirë e shpejtë: Nuk ka nevojë për pjekje





Cakes which is prepared quickly and does not need to be baked – is ideal for all occasions. It is wonderful for those who like soft and creamy composition. It can be prepared in a version with fruit, but also chocolate.


500 gr. cream powdered (icing)
6 dl mineral water from the refrigerator
300 gr. ground biscuits
300 gr. fruit or banana cream
1 bag or 3 tablespoons vanilla cappuccino chocolate spread (Nutella)
200 gr. cream powder
5 dl mineral water


Mix 500 gr. cream powder with cold mineral water and divide into three parts. In the first part of the ground and throw cookies this measure vëjeni in a container or tray until they take the form of pandispanjës.

In the second part add fruits as desired or pour cream mixture over pandispanjën banana.Këtë. In the third part add or cappuccino or nutellën and cast on the previous section. Mix 200 gr. 1.5 dl cream powder with mineral water and cover the entire cake with this move.

Leave the cake to cool in the refrigerator and serve later.

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