Petulla të shpejta


For a delicious dinner , try this simple recipe and easy for you , or take you for so long .


250 g flour
½ powder paste, pecive
less salt
A spoonful of sugar
2 s
A vanilla sugar
300 ml yogurt
For frying :

Quartz powder sugar
Deal yoghurt and eggs are mixed and then add flour mixed with paste and powder sugar + salt and vanilla sugar and mix until it becomes a homogeneous . When dough is ready , heat up the oil in the pan and by this measure with a tablespoon of measures drawn and placed in hot oil and fërgohen good on both sides then listed on kitchen paper to numbing excess fat . Care should be taken that the temperature is not too great because confounded donuts ripen quickly and not enough inside. Then pluhurosim with powdered sugar and serve hot .

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