Pjata e ngrohtë e dimrit


How to change the taste of the beans or thierrzat winter , we can try the dish with chick peas . In this case , the use of green cabbage , also gives her some fresh nuances .

soup leases

Ingredients: 150 g chickpeas 250 gr pazi KONSERVE 1 carrot 1 onion Half essentially vegetable juice 1 garlic potatoes 1 bay leaf salt , pepper olive oil 200 gr Little chili pasta soup

Preparation: In a saucepan , put the fried onion cut into thin with carrot . Modes add the diced potatoes with the laurel leaf . Kaurdisni and start to add the vegetable broth . When starts to boil , add the leaves of cabbage and chickpeas end .

Adjust taste with salt , pepper and chili pepper as desired. Finally add the pasta and let it boil until they are trying to serve .

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