Picë në formë supe



▪ Ham
▪ Carrots
▪ Onions
▪ Garlic
▪ tomato sauce
▪ Cream Milk
▪ Tomatoes
▪ juice from the roasted chicken or chicken broth
▪ bay leaf
▪ Flour
▪ mozzarella cheese


Blush ham with carrots , onion and garlic for five to ten minutes . Then, add the tomatoes and flour Sosit for obesity .

When thickens measures , put into a larger container , add the juice of roasted chickens and making the laurel leaves .

Once cooked for 25 minutes , add the cream and milk .

This move , put into separate dish and place under mocarrella cheese and bacon pieces .

Cook on the grill until the cheese melts and turns the color of gold .

Eat this pizza -shaped soup , hot bread or toasted .

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