Supë qepe dhe bukë e thekur me djathë


Throw in a pan of flour and open furnace good, put in the oven heated to 180 degrees for the first 20 min. We allow onions finely and place in a pan with olive oil, put on fire. I let shame over low heat while mixing constantly with a wooden spoon, add the leaf Dafines and continue kavardisjen.

While the dough in the oven look to not overheat. To add the onions and butter, remove the dough from the oven and add the onions to, take the soup of vegetables and mix well all together. Add the salt and pepper and let boil for 30 min. Now prepare the decoration of the plate.

Allow shaped red onion rings and putting him in the form fleksipan, take their little above minced cheese cheese and bake for 5 min in oven. After baking remove the rings of red onions from the form and place in a container. We expect parsley finely and put aside. Plate we expect diagonal pieces, putting him Fure pan, bake the extent of fringe. The pull out by oven and put slices of cheese on them, put them in the incinerators for 5 min. how to melt cheese.

Soup and mix again with the help of pliers “Dafine” leaf extract, and mix again with pulsating wire, we add a little olive oil and remove from fire. Take a platter plate that would put a bowl and throw in the soup. On the position the toast with cheese and garnish with rings of red onions with cheese minced cheese baked in the oven. Sprinkle with a little soup of minced parsley. Recommended dishes is ready and be accompanied by white wine.

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