Ja si ta përgatisni mishin me shije fantastike


First, to clarify what is the flesh of chopped or cut into small pieces, which can be for goulash or gjuveç.

Preparing beef recipe yesterday, I realized that there are some important tips for cooking meat that we can apply in other favorite foods. But with a little knowledge about preparation, you will not have hardly at all in his cooking:

1. Boil the meat well: cooking meat takes a long time. Cooking meat until small domes acquire a dark brown color and soften enough to give a good taste.

2. Cook meat slowly, regardless of whether cooking on the stove or in the oven, it is important to cook meat at temperatures slow and occupied for hours. This makes strong meat or muscle tissue and alleviate melt till create mash. Try a few hours to puncture the meat with something to see if it is well cooked, if not go further with cooking.

3. Add acid composition: Marinating meat in acid, can help better cooked meat, but the large amount of acid composition can sometimes delay the process of cooking. I took this advice a few years ago by a professional chef and really overgrown better meat. But I also add other vegetables like tomatoes until the end of the cooking process the meat.
Any suggestion on your part to the best cooking meat?

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