Receta antike që shëron pothuajse secilën sëmundje


Recipes based in Boca blueberries and spruce, immersed in wine, in fact, it is the blueberry wine. The medicine applied to those who suffer from improper circulation of blood, headaches and dizziness, as well as other diseases, but is also effective in the memory,


– Pound fresh blueberries

– Boca fir pound

– 1 liter of local black wine

– Half a liter of strong local brandy

– 3 tablespoons honey

– 3 tablespoons sugar.


Boca blueberries and rinse thoroughly and place in a large jar. Over the summer shed. And let that stand in the refrigerator for 48 hours. Then add the brandy, honey and sugar. Mix everything well, that honey and sugar dissolve. Allow measures so complete stand for seven days.


Medicine to get the 4 tablespoons of summer, morning and evening. The drug used 3 days in the morning and in the evening, then pause for 2 days.

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