Receta e ditës: Tortë me kafe dhe arra


The ingredients for the crust (biscuit):

-3 Eggs

-a spoon cocoa

-3 Tablespoons nuts

-3 Tablespoons flour

-3 Tablespoons sugar

Ingredients for the filling:

-250 G sugar

-1 Yellow egg

-2 Cups of boiled coffee

-250 G margarine


Imtësohen nuts, waving yellow sugar was added to flour, starch, cocoa and white foam egg. This measure equals the round cake mold and baked for 40 minutes at 170 degrees C.

Shake the eggs with sugar, add the melted margarine, coffee, and join careful. This move put low temperature and slowly mix until it thickens.

Pulp is expected in two or three layers and each layer is smeared with cream. In low-temperature melt the sugar with a little water, mix and leave to cool. I added lemon juice and by a sort of a hand ball. This measure equals the pot and boil at low temperature without boiling. Finally add the coffee and whiskey.

Smeared cake glazed and decorated with coffee grains.

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