Tortë me çokollatë milka


1 liter milk
10 tablespoons sugar
3 vanilla pudding
Milka chocolate 300 gr
100g white chocolate Milka
500 ml sweet cream (cream HOPL for cakes or cream)
plasma biscuits or pishkote

As we say the milk in a pot to boil.

Previously divide a glass of milk to mix the pudding powder and sugar in it.

Once the milk boils add the dissolved pudding and stir until cream thickens pudinges good not leaving to form berries.

Pudinges cream and presently sharing in two containers separately.

In one pot add the chocolate brown and stir until the chocolate melt.

We add the rest of white chocolate and stir until chocolate melts.

Prepared creams let them cool covered with folie that during cooling plasmasi not undertake layer form.

Tanim ejken sweet mix until trashet.Marim the cream of the cream and add the ¼ to ENEA with pudingen and chocolate brown, add the cream and ¼ to the pan with pudingen and white chocolate.

The creams which both mix well. It left and half the cream of sweet mixed with white color.

In a deep pot and a plastic folie anash.Ne ask is that as we say the pot of cream with white chocolate and cream with chocolate kafte.Rrafshojme extend well until measures are mixed very carefully (going to mix the layers but is not any The great thing).

Tanim over pudding layer of chocolates and as we say the extent of the cream of the white sweet and rrafshojme.

As we say the cream over the chocolate back from.

Undertake all plasma biscuits or pishkote extend until completely covered the surface of the cake.

Folie cover it with a plastic basin and putting him to the refrigerator for several hours.

Then remove the pot from the refrigerator and turn things around, so that layers of cookies remain in the end.

Tanim shaped cakes should be sufficient and decorate as desired.

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